Feed Your Dingo


The AMP Cycling Series is Back, MAY 6th!
visit AMPCYCLINGSERIES.com for info!

The Next Dingo Race Productions GCS Weekend, June 27, 28 & 29th Watch the website for details!

GCS LogoDingo Race Productions has joined the GCS for 2014



Welcome to Dingo Race Productions, LLC

DRP is a small, fresh, Georgia race production company, founded by four friends and supported by many more. We all love riding our bikes and most of us love racing, at least competing, too. DRP is all about producing races that challenge and excite the racers and spectators alike. While striving to produce the best possible races, we seek to promote healthy lifestyles in our youth. We believe whole-heartedly that the a life-long healthy lifestyle begins with a love of the activities you choose,

“What is this ‘feed your dingo’ business?” you may ask.

It’s simple. To us, the “Dingo” is what we care about, what we try to protect; what we love. “Feed your dingo” means, “do what you love.”  When a competitor attends one of our productions, we want them to be doing what they love, we want it to
“feed their dingo.”

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